Audiobook ACTING

by Grammy-winning Director/Producer
Taro Meyer
Audiobook ACTING A MASTERCLASS in the ART and the BUSINESS by Grammy winning Director/Producer Taro Meyer
Audiobook ACTING A MASTERCLASS in the ART and the BUSINESS by Grammy winning Director/Producer Taro Meyer

Published by
Silman-James Press

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Taro shares
The 5 Things You Need to Create a Highly Successful Career in Audio Acting

I wish someone had told me it’s okay to lighten up. I would tear myself up trying to get everything I did be perfect. I want my projects to be as good as possible, and I will always strive for that... MORE

Opportunities for audiobook actors are steadily increasing,

but at the same time so has the competition. On top of that, the industry is increasingly moving towards actors recording from home studios, without the benefit of a director or engineer. Under these conditions you are expected to produce top level work quickly and on your own.

As an audiobook producer/director, and former actor, I'm very conscious of these and other challenges, and that is why I wrote Audiobook Acting.

I want every audiobook actor to enter the studio armed with the powerful techniques I’ve developed and used throughout my many years as both an actor and audiobook director. This book offers you those techniques in as close to a private coaching session as possible, enabling you to create one-of-a-kind audiobook performances that will maximize your career opportunities.

The power of the human voice to convey emotion, thought, and meaning is limitless, and every one of us has the ability to do that! I’ve directed stars and newcomers (as well as authors with no prior acting experience) into great reads and Audiobook Acting will give you the skills to do the same.

Audiobook Acting is your roadmap

to compelling audio storytelling, accessing your unique voice, and showcasing your talent. 

Voice-over actors and podcasters can also benefit from the techniques presented in this comprehensive step-by-step guide that gives you the tools to achieve an authentic and engaging read.

Each chapter focuses on a single topic, with in-depth explanations, illuminating stories, and workouts that allow you to practice and progress at your own pace.

You’ll Learn To:

  • Power your voice
  • Connect to any book
  • Give every book its critical Tone and Point of View
  • Create Experiential Immediacy— the moment to moment read that keeps a listener wanting to find out what happens next
  • Fuse your interpretation with the Author’s intent
  • Voice any character—human or otherwise—and make their dialogue compelling and believable
  • Use the skills you gain to create a demo that showcases your talent
  • Get heard by publishers and producers 
  • Access key industry resources




Grammy winning Director/Producer Taro Meyer

"I love working with Taro Meyer!
Ossie and I always appreciated her passion for storytelling and her ear for the truth. She gives performers the time to find the deepest, funniest, most personal response to the material. And because she understands the richness of character and of language, Taro communicates easily and intuitively with actors—lifting from the page the glory of the written word."
      —Ruby Dee,  Actor, Raisin  in the Sun (stage and film), The Jackie Robinson Story, American Gangster (Oscar nomination), Emmy, National Medal of the Arts, SAG Lifetime Achievement, NAACP Image Award, Kennedy Center Honors