Audiobook ACTING
by Grammy-winning Director/Producer
Taro Meyer


"I love working with Taro Meyer! Ossie and I always appreciated her passion for storytelling and her ear for the truth. She gives performers the time to find the deepest, funniest, most personal response to the material. And because she understands the richness of character and of language, Taro communicates easily and intuitively with actors—lifting from the page the glory of the written word."
— Ruby Dee (1922-2014), Oscar Nominee, Emmy, National Medal of the Arts, | SAG Lifetime Achievement, NAACP Image Award.

“We worked together on five books . . . and my trust in her deepened with each book. She taught me so much about the art of storytelling! Now . . . some 450 books later, I still hear her voice in my head, offering sage advice whenever I encounter a particularly challenging passage and reminding me to always keep the narrative fresh and engaging.”
— Gerard Doyle, actor, and winner of Audie, Earphone, and AudioFile awards

"After working with Taro for over 20 years on a variety of projects I have come to know all of the talents Taro has as an audiobook producer. She brings a unique and rare perspective to every project. Taro works with talent to draw out and perfect the best performance—not just the best read. . . . There are few producers who work in audiobooks who look at a project from the actor’s point of view. But whether it is an audiobook project, a music project, or writing, Taro brings a wealth of acting and producing knowledge and experience.”
— Pete Pantelis, Grammy Award-winning audio production engineer

“What makes her a wonderful audio director is that she understands language (why this word or phrase at this moment) and the beats in the book (where we are emotionally and how to build to there or from there), and her overall approach to theproject is from an actor’s point of view, which is extremely helpful to the reader.”
— Joe Morton, actor, and winner of Emmy, Audie, Lucille Lortel, Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, and NAACP Image awards

“I love working with Taro and can think of no one more qualified to write a book on audiobook acting. She’s able to communicate with tremendous clarity how to best navigate the medium with precision, freedom, and fun. Combine that with her innate understanding of great storytelling and you have a phenomenal audiobook director and mentor.”
— Kevin Isola, actor, adjunct teacher, NYU Tisch School of the Arts graduate acting program

"During my 30-year career as a Broadway leading man and Lead Vocalist for platinum selling rock bands, I can count on one hand the directors that just made me better and more engaging as an actor and artist. Taro Meyer is one of those directors. I found her work revelatory
— Rob Evan, Actor (including title role in the original Broadway production of Jekyll & Hyde), leading vocalist for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, creative director at Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment.

"I have had the privilege of working with Taro as an author and as an Audiobook director. I have also had the pleasure of watching her perform as an actor on Broadway. Her creativity and skills are evident in her latest book Audiobook ACTING. It's a must read for any actor who wants to master the creative skills needed to excel at the craft required by the expanding art form of audiobook acting."
— Micky Hyman, CEO Red Sky Entertainment, Publisher Red Sky Presents

"Taro Meyer has given me a new understanding of the artistry that goes into the best audiobooks. She has generously shared the hard-earned skills she developed as an award-winning audiobook director and producer. Because she is also a first-rate writer, this book is a must-have textbook for anyone who wants to succeed at audiobook acting.
— Charles Ortleb, publisher and author