Audiobook ACTING
by Grammy-winning Director/Producer
Taro Meyer


December 2, 2023

Each audiobook narrator has a unique “voice.” That “voice” is not just a vocal sound, but also a distinctive, authentic way of interpreting a text. We all see things differently, we have different backgrounds and different experiences in our lives that influence the lens through which we view the world and interpret events, people’s characters and their motivations. All of which are important when reading a story, whether fiction or non-fiction.  

Too often, audiobook narrators rely on a preconceived idea of what a text should sound like. 

My approach to audiobook narration, however, is focused on helping each actor discover and express their authentic interpretation of every audiobook they are reading. One of the keys to this is based on trusting your instincts, which are in large part developed as a result of our experiences. But instinct alone can sometimes desert you; you can get stuck or unsure of how to proceed. 

That’s where technique comes in. Having the right audiobook narration technique actually frees you; it gives you a platform from which your intuitive responses can be shaped for the particular book you are reading. Technique and instinct combined, provides a framework for greater creativity and expression of your unique voice. 

And that voice is what makes your work memorable to publishers and producers, which increases your chance of expanding your career. 

I’ve seen actors transformed by realizing they can express their authentic artistry by honoring their unique voice. 

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